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Eric's Tile has over 16 years of experience. We started out as an antique dealer, going from estate sale to yard sale finding hidden treasures. Along the way we have acquired a passion for antique tiles. Realizing that California is a mecca for antique tiles. We began following the demolition of old homes built in the  early 1900's. We pioneered the removal of many precious tiles from structural pieces such as fireplaces ,fountains, walls ,floors ,and stairs . Our clients biggest challenges are the removal of their antique tiles. In many cases these piece are destroyed in the removal process and the art is gone forever. Our mission is to save as many of these historical pieces as possible. Over the years we have developed several professional methods for the proper removal of antique tiles. In most cases we can save almost all the tiles. We remove, and clean them leaving the tile ready to reset at your desired location

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Eric's Antiques and Architectural
Saving History one piece at a time......